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Mick's passion for country music began about 15 years ago during endless hours in traffic on the dusty streets and freeways of  Los Angeles, where he lived at the time.

He was immediately drawn to the feel good harmonies and the story telling lyrics of the genre.

Soon after discovering a variety of different styles of country music, Mason was mostly drawn to the trendy and fresh sound of  New Country and set all the presets in his car radio to national country stations.

The country vibe stuck with him until today.

After studying music formally in Germany, Mason started his music career in various bands and as a solo artist in Europe and in the United States.

But he never lost touch with country music and his never fading passion for this particular style of music led in 2020, during the pandemic, to the point where he just had to channel his emotional affection to this genre into a bunch of songs.

Mason admits: „It just felt right. It was the right time for me and overall a good fit for my taste and style in music, as well as for the kind of content and atmosphere I wanted to convey to my audience“.

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In 2021 Mick collaborated with other country musicians in Nashville,TN, Australia, and Europe.

The result of his endeavours is his country debut album, titled „Ride of my Life“, which he produced at the Grammy winning Station West Studios in Nashville, Tennessee and Hamburg, Germany.

It is scheduled for release this fall and will be available on all online streaming platforms and in a store near you.

„I'm very fortunate to have the privilege of working with the most talented country artists in Nashville“, Mason said.


Currently Mick is working on pre-production of  videos for several tracks from the „Ride of my Life“ Album and is scheduled to start touring in fall of 2023.


Mason resides in Los Angeles, CA and Hamburg, Germany.

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